Does a Pool Troopers Partnership

Speak Your Language?

6 Immediate Benefits When You Sell, or Partner with Pool Troopers

Our goal is to keep the same Tech on the same pool as long as possible. With that said, over time, as we integrate routes to improve efficiency down the road, customers could get a new pool tech. It is our intention to make the transition as smooth as possible for your customers and your team.

  • 1. Financial ability to close quickly and pay fair market valuations.

  • 2. Priority placed on existing team growth and culture.

  • 3. Industry-leading health and retirement benefits for employee.

  • 4. Category leading customer growth and retention platform.

  • 5. Committed to honouring a company’s story and legacy.

  • 6. A dedicated integration team to guide the transition.

A Few Partner Experiences

Frank Fotia

President of YRP Division

Matt Welch

Cleaning Service Manager

Renee Allen

Commercial Customer Specialist

Dan Buettin

“Gary and Dave showed us the strong culture at Pool Troopers and their need to quality managers for their planned growth. Our team and managers have benefited from greater opportunities with Pool Troopers.”

Family First

Serving our customers with a heroes’ mindset has been true from our first day in 1952 to today. Pool Troopers has been about family and raising the level of professionalism within the pool service industry. This mindset has accelerated us to one of the fastest growing pool service companies in America today.

Les Williams

Aloha Pools & Spas – Joined 2021

“Since Day 1 they have made the Aloha Employees feel welcomed and valued as no only employees, but as people in general”

Jeff Fotia

Hilton Head – 39 Years

Backyard Heroes

As pool service company owners you understand that it’s not just about fair pay and an opportunity to excel, your team deserves the best. Pool Troopers believes in taking care of all the details, so you have one less thing to worry about.

We take care of our people with full benefits.

Jack Manilla

Portofino Pool Services – Joined 2021

“My wife and I can’t say enough about the Pool Troopers management team and culture. It really has been great. Pool Troopers people have very high integrity”

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you’ve likely got questions. Here’s a few of the frequent concerns partners have on the road to becoming Pool Troopers. Feel free to flip through – or give Wendy a call directly to talk about them.

On average, it takes about 6 to 8 months with all the proper paperwork and documentation gathered.

We partner with companies of all sizes. It’s important to note: We are not doing route purchases at this time– just entire company acquisitions.

What do you want to do after you sell your business? What is the time frame you are looking to sell your business?  Are your other business partners on the same page about selling? These are all great questions to begin asking yourself and your partners.

No, as a Pool Trooper, we are excited to have you use our industry-leading software.

We like to think that the most important part of your legacy is the way your people are cared for. Your team and customers. While we will carry out a logo transition, build a legacy transition for your office, and webpage. It’s the way we’ll continue to care for your team and your business that really honor what you’ve built.

We carry out a legacy process to ensure a smooth transition to the Pool Troopers brand that respects your existing business, but, we are currently only interested in companies who want to become a home of the Pool Troopers. We respect the brand and customer base you’ve created and truly believe that we can enhance what you’ve done with our family first care, training, and proprietary technologies.

At Pool Troopers “We believe that no pool or teammate deserves to be left behind on our watch.” It is our goal to keep the existing team you’ve built employed with Pool Troopers.

Yes, your team will enjoy the training courses and videos available through our Pool Troopers University, that are available to all Pool Troopers.

We will handle all of your marketing and advertising as we transition your company to a home of the Pool Troopers brand.

We offer PTO, Holiday Pay, 401K Options, Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Tuition Reimbursement, Competitive Pay.

As we consolidate routes to improve efficiency, your customers could get a new Pool Tech.

Yes, as we onboard your company, we will migrate your operations on to our Pool Troopers platforms.

It really all depends on your goals and needs. If you are looking to retire, then typically there is a transition period while we learn about your business and team. There is the option of continuing to work and grow with Pool Troopers, depending on your goals.

Yes, everything we do is confidential. We execute NDAs to ensure everything between the parties is confidential.

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Our Current
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We’re currently expanding across the sunbelt region and are looking to acquire, or partner with like-minded Pool Service Companies.

Interested in selling or accelerating your company’s growth as a Pool Troopers Partner?