work here.

With our years of experience as pool service company owners, above all else we value and celebrate the commitment of people.

Our best frontline leaders serve and lead with a hero’s mindset. They understand some days and jobs will be harder than others.

The win for everyone on our team is a shared promise that we have each other’s back. That said, we make the same promise to you as a pool service company owner – not only will your team work with some of the most committed people in the industry; continue to provide them with opportunities for growth – we will always have their back.

Proud to be a Pool Trooper

Hear from Lead Senior Mechanic Camilo Garcia about why he is proud to be a Pool Trooper

“Pool Troopers is doing things better because when they say they care about our families – they truly do. I started at an entry level position and worked my way up”

Family First

Serving our customers with a heroes’ mindset has been true from our first day in 1952 to today. Pool Troopers has been about family and raising the level of professionalism within the pool service industry. This mindset has accelerated us to one of the fastest growing pool service companies in America today.

Our 8


We believe our best – requires us to work with a ‘hero’s mindset’.

We believe keeping a family safe is more important than our bottom line.

We believe if a better way exists, it’s our job to make it happen.

We believe it’s smarter to fix a problem, before it becomes one.

We believe keeping people in the loop creates a ‘wow’.

We believe a job half done, isn’t worth doing.

We believe no pool or teammate deserves to be left behind on our watch.

We believe small acts of kindness leave a lasting impression.

Proud to be
a Pool Trooper

“I wanted to provide better opportunities for the team who comes in every day. If you are looking for a place to set your roots, this is the place.”

– Ludwing Villamizar
Integration Team Member – 9 Years

We are a
Family-First Culture

“We believe that making a difference in someone’s life by giving them some family time is a great thing to do. It’s all about family.”

– Patrick Kranztberg
Reputation Manager – 17 Years

Making a Splash!

The Splash / December 2021

Toys for Tots!

This Marine run organization helps connect tots in need with toys for the holidays and America’s backyard heroes stepped up. A stellar show of community spirit.

The Splash / OCTOBer 2021

America’s Backyard Hero

Victor arrived to service a pool and found an older gentleman face down in the spa. Without hesitation, Victor jumped in and saved his life! Victor is a true Backyard Hero, and we are proud to call him a Pool Trooper!

The Splash / August 2021

Lets Give a Warm Welcome to…

For 18 years, The Pool Man of Key West has been providing superb pool services to the lower Keys. We are so excited he has chosen to partner with Pool Troopers, and we can’t wait to experience the next phase of growth in the Keys.

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Backyard Heroes

As pool service company owners you understand that it’s not just about fair pay and an opportunity to excel, your team deserves the best. Pool Troopers believes in taking care of all the details, so you have one less thing to worry about.